Digital Touchscreen Jukebox with Karaoke / Bingo & Many More Extras. NOW £525 !! in Coalville, Leicestershire for sale

Digital Touchscreen Jukebox with Karaoke / Bingo & Many
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Was £595 now reduced to £525 for quick sale.
Thank you for taking the time to look at the jukebox that I have for sale. I have been a digital engineer for over 30 years so you can be assured quality and reliability are as good as it gets and I pride myself on the support I can offer after purchase including the ability to assist remotely over the internet as if I was stood in front of the machine in your own home.
I am sure you have looked at a number of jukeboxes on offer but I guarantee you will not find one this feature-packed nor can this system be bought anywhere else as I designed it and wrote the software including the jukebox and karaoke systems from scratch and hold their copyright. No iffy copies of jukebox software from off the internet on this system.
WATCH THE VIDEO (It shows far more information than I can type here. Text me if cannot see.)
The cabinet is a genuine pub jukebox cabinet and will look like others from the outside but the internal old worn out electronics have been removed and my own bespoke computer system installed which is much faster and more reliable and also operates on 12v which is much safer for the home user than the dangerous 240v open frame systems to be found in them when in their raw state that are only meant to be opened by an engineer.
Using a projective 18" touchscreen the screens are bright and crisp and fully tested to ensure accuracy. The cabinet shows normal wear but I can show you how to make them look new for five pounds worth of DIY materials and the front glass is nice.
Audio is output from the jukebox by a 3.5mm jack plug (a headphone socket) allowing you to plug it up to most audio units such as Soundbars / Home Cinema Systems / Sonos if the main unit has aux input, PC Speakers or for BIG sound a power amplifier and disco speakers !!!. The system can also be used with a blue tooth wireless transmitter which is less than £20 from Amazon allowing full blue tooth connectivity. I don't supply as want to keep the price down but will show you where to get.
As mentioned I have written the entire software system and each time you turn on the jukebox, assuming you have it connected to the internet via the built-in WiFi or Ethernet it will first check for updates from my servers. These may include enhancements such as improved controls, addition games, addition radio stations (yes I take requests), and other improvements. I do NOT upload music to the jukeboxes via this system. The jukebox does NOT have to be connected to the internet to operate but obviously, you will not receive updates or be able to make use of the internet radio feature. ALL other features work offline OK.
Once loaded you will be presented with the modular menu system where you can select any of the features or simply activate the background music system to randomly play your favorite tracks without even loading the jukebox module.
The menu gives you the options off :-
1) Karaoke Mode - Use any standard karaoke tracks to sing along to your favorite songs with full screen words displayed etc. I can supply a 2 mic mixer unit as an extra or use your own mixer or just sing along :-)
2) Jukebox Mode - Full featured jukebox with playlist load and save, shuffle, search, plays music videos and Apple iTunes M4A and the ability to play RETRO arcade games at the SAME time as playing music !!! You can remote control the jukebox i.e. selecting music etc with the wireless controller too !!
3) Arcade Mode - Play loads of old retro favorites using 1 or 2 wireless XBOX360 controllers (not supplied).
4) BGM (Back Ground Music) Mode - Select from 3 different user preset playlists called Kids / Chill & Party. You select the track list from the Hub (user setting mode)
5) Movie Player Mode - Go to the cinema and play your favorite movies etc using the player.
6) HUB Mode - Pin protected once entered you can edit most of the features of the jukebox and add/delete its content also change PIN, adjust system volume or ask for remote assist where I can then log into the system and help you with anything.
7) Radio Mode - 30+ stations available with a single touch which can be edited from a master list which grows with updates. If the station you want is not there just ask and if it is available I will code it into the system and make it available via next update.
8) New modules will be added over time possibly including YouTube viewer, Bingo Caller, More games etc. Suggestions WELCOMED.
Summary Of Other Features :-
Fast Bespoke System completely replacing old worn out components normally found in these
Custom software system continually developed and updated. Always welcome ideas to improve or add to the system i.e. Bingo Caller coming soon and more Retro Games.
Easy to connect to any audio system or Bluetooth system (with additional dongle).
Built-In WiFi and also Wired Ethernet for fastest connection
1GB System RAM (expandable)
Full-screen MUSIC VIDEOS can be played.
UNLIMITED use, NO subscriptions (many make you pay £12-£54 per month!!) This costs NOTHING and does NOT have to be connected to the internet.
UNLIMITED tracks (add external Hard Drive, USB Stick etc very easily). Standard MP3 or FLAC music files.
Room left on internal drive for many 1000's more of your own tracks and can be expanded further using up to 3 more 2TB external hard drives !!!
One touch selection (So easy to use, even granny will love this)
Illuminated lockable cabinet with attractive mirror front that will fit in with any room and décor (normal wear from a used box but still nice condition )
FREEPLAY (There is no coin operation facility, just tap and play)
EASY loading of own music via USB memory stick or over home network. Happy to assist and give free help. the system will guide you through most things.
Album cover search during loading process. Can help save you the headache of finding covers.
Great For Parties (Guests CANNOT alter important settings etc, only YOU can)
Uses ANY external amplifier i.e. Home Cinema, Power Amplifier, Sound Bar or even PC Speakers. Uses STANDARD 3.5mm Headphone connector. I am using a wired soundbar in video.
HELP MODE !!!. I can remote control the jukebox from my HOME if you run a special piece of software included with the Jukebox. This allows me to fix any software problems, update or tutor. I CANNOT access the Jukebox without YOUR express permission and interaction.
ORIGINALLY a REAL pub Jukebox (NOT some homemade cabinet) Very well built, approx. 35kg.
FULL SUPPORT...I don't care if you are a rocket scientist or a complete technophobic. I am ALWAYS happy to help and take as much time as is needed to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment of the system.
If you have a home bar, games room or just want good music in your living room then these are perfect and go down a treat with guests at a party. Very easy to use so you will not have to stand there explaining everything, just tap and play !!
WATCH THE VIDEO (It shows far more information than I can type here. Text me if cannot see)
ANY questions regarding the jukebox, collection, viewing please contact me via text or call anytime up to midnight, any day or message me via contact seller.
The Jukebox measures :- 24" Wide x 8" Deep x 31" High ( Modern and Compact ) Approx. 30kg...Will fit in any car.